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One Sided Love Story


July 2022


A one-sided love story
That's how it has always been, 
my relationship with my body.
I spent my whole adulthood trying to understand her.
When she was just there, flirting
Subconsciously, I was playing hard to get.
Recently I learned she has a soul that speaks, feels, gets hurt, remembers, and heals.
Recently I learned she is my only loyal friend and a faithful lover.
I didn't know what she was capable of
I didn't know she could take decisions with me, and I was not alone.
She always tells me what we like and what's best, even what to do next.
She doesn't understand harshness
She's delicate
She's romantic and intelligent
She used to speak to me
A lot..
But I couldn't hear her
The amount of resistance.
A year or so, I decided to let her in..
We’re taking things slow
I have feelings for her now
It's getting deeper
It's new. It's scary.
We’re talking about everything,
Even the old stories
When we were together, but not really!
Whenever I get confused..
“Just do it, I'll explain later, she says.
 I trust her now.



One Sided Love Story is a deeply personal project that explores the relationship between the artist and her own body, as well as her journey through mental health struggles. Through her lens, she capture the complex emotions that come with loving one's own body. This project is a brave and vulnerable exploration of the inner self. Ultimately, One Sided Love Story is a testament to the power of self-reflection and self-love, as the artist seeks to find peace and acceptance within herself.

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