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February 2022



Getting a house of his own is his dream..
He’s obsessed with kitchens and vintage plates
Going to furniture shops is a ritual of ours now
Walking around telling me stories about his house, family and friends
But it’s Monday night.. 
I’m depressed.. 
In H&M Home..
Not feeling it at all
He’s nagging,
“Shouq put your phone away”
“Enjoy this”, He says..
I can’t.
I can’t force myself to enjoy it
Im disconnected from reality
I walk to the other side waiting for him to finish
“Shouq.. come here I want to tell you a story”, He says,
“It’s about you this time.. about your very own house”
He’s holding a glass jug, printed with small blue flowers
“Shouq imagine”, He says..
“Getting up every morning wearing your white robe and black sunglasses
Heading to your garden to sit by your big pool reading an actual newspaper”
“English newspaper”, I interrupt..
“Arabic newspaper”, He says..
“Having your fresh orange juice from this jug.
Imagine the color contrast.. the blue and the yellow together”
He's smiling while looking at me with his beautiful big eyes..
He warms my heart,
I smile..
He effortlessly lifts the weight that's been living inside my body a tiny bit
His soul feels like home to me..
Going to furniture shops is our ritual

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